Cornerstone University. Student Handbook

This student handbook is intended to provide students with information relating to student life at Cornerstone University. The handbook includes sections on campus information, general policies, residential policies and community life response information. Each student is expected to be familiar with the policies and regulations set forth in this entire handbook, as well as in the Cornerstone University catalog. These expectations are intended to foster an atmosphere that supports individual and corporate flourishing, thus furthering the mission of Cornerstone University as a student-focused, Christ-centered community.

The Cornerstone University Student Handbook is published annually by the Spiritual Formation & Christian Community office. Students are held accountable for the most recent printing.

Rights Reserved. The President and the officers of Cornerstone University reserve the right to change regulations affecting students should it be deemed necessary in the interest of the students or of the university to do so. The only official interpretations of student policies and regulations are those that are made in writing by the President and/or Vice President of Spiritual Formation & Chrsitian Community or designee.

Cornerstone University does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, sex, age, disability or veteran status in any of its education policies and programs that it operates.

For More Information/Contact Details:
Department of Spiritual Formation & Christian Community
Cornerstone University
1001 E Beltline Ave. NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525-5897
(616) 222-1423
[email protected]